Lit Answers Not Working? 13 Litanswers Alternatives | How To Get Free Answers For Chegg Questions 2021

Lit Answers Not Working , Litanswers Alternatives




What Is Lit Answers?


Litanswers is a site which offers free homework solutions for students.

They also offer textbook solutions for people looking for study materials.

At Lit Answers you can get free answers for Chegg questions.

In other words, this is a tool you can use to unblur chegg answers free without having to pay to get the answers.

By the time I was writing this Litanswers review, I found out that Lit answers is not working anymore.

I tried to visit their official website (, and I was redirected to a website without Secure socket layer (SSL), so I was not able to determine its legitimacy.

I also came across this site, which is not the official website of Litanswers, but a blog post which tries to explain what Lit Answers is and why it’s not working anymore.

Now you might be wondering why am I writing this Litanswers review if the site does not work anymore?

The answer is simple…

I want to give you some Lit Answers alternatives which you can use for the same goal, that is getting free Chegg answers.


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What Is Chegg?


We cannot talk about Lit Answers and its alternatives without talking about Chegg.

Chegg is a study assistance website where students can get homework help and rent textbooks at a subscription fee.

Chegg has a database of answers to questions found in popular textbooks and those issued as homework in different schools.

All you have to do is search the question on Chegg and you shall get the answer in few seconds.

If you have not paid the subscription fee, you will not be able to see the answer. That is the reason why tools like Litanswers used to unblur Chegg answers for free are common.

If the answer is not in Chegg database, you can simply submit the question to Chegg Tutors and study help experts who provide in answer in less than 24 hours at a small fee.

Chegg also lists scholarships and internship opportunities for students.

In the Chegg blog, they also have a section where they offer financial advice to students like ways to make money as a college student.

Chegg also has a free flashcard app, which further makes studying easier for students.


Lit Answers Review- How To Get Chegg Free Premium Account With Free Chegg Answers



Lit Answers Not Working


2019 is the year which Litanswers was launched, but the site went down the same year for failing to comply to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

It was said that Lit Answers had directly copied Chegg API, which means they were offering information that is paid for free without official permission from Chegg.

In other words, they were accused of copyright infringement for using someone else’s content without their consent.



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For the longest time, was the most popular and best alternative to Lit Answers.

The bad news is that this site does not work anymore just like Litanswers.

There are claims that the site will be functional again in future due to its high demand by users who requested that they want it back.

We hope that will happen in the near future.

In the meantime, check out the other 12 Lit Answers alternatives below where you can get free Chegg answers.



2. Slader


When I visited Slader website I could not help but notice that they have a very simple graphic user interface which makes finding the help you need to fast.

At Slader, you can get Chegg answers in two options; one, used the free method and two, use the paid option where you get the answers faster to more questions.

Chemistry, Calculus, Engineering, Algebra, Physics, Biology, Spanish and Economics are the most popular Chegg subjects on Slader.

Apart from getting answers to your Chegg questions, you can also get textbook and ISBN help at Slader.

Additionally, you can also get free tools for quizlets and flashcards to help you study better.

Slader also has a blog, which is updated daily where you can learn more study related news and information.



3. StudyLib


Apart from being a Lit Answers alternative which you can use to unblur Chegg answers for free, StudyLib is many other things like;

It is an online library where you can get answers to your questions, even those that are not from Chegg. Maybe this is the reason they have more than 400,000 active users on their platform.

You even don’t have to login to your StudyLib dashboard all the time, because they have a Chrome Extension you can use right from your browser window.

Additionally, they have a mobile app which you can get from Google Play for Android devices or Apple Store for iPhone devices.

StudyLib is also known for having powerful and intelligent flashcards which you can use to learn anything online.



4. SparkNotes


SparkNotes describes itself as a platform where you can get course syllabus and exam help.

In other words, they claim to offer study guides and answers on common subjects like literature, math, and science among others.

If you are someone who hates to read complex textbooks and study guides, Sparknotes can assemble all the facts in any such complicated reading material then deliver it to you in simple paragraph or bullet point notes that are easy to understand. For instance, you can use this feature for novel summaries.

If you get the paid Sparknotes account you will even be able to do much more than getting Chegg answers.

The good news is that you can get started on the Sparknotes Trial account, which is abosolutely free and can be canceled anytime incase you do not like using it after the trial.

Another amazing study tool you can get at SparkNotes is the infographics which are an easy way to simplifying learning.


Lit Answers Review - How To Get Chegg Answers For Free. 14 Easy Ways To Unblur Chegg Answers For Free


5. Course Hero


Course Hero is more of a Chegg alternative than a Lit Answers alternative because its interface and purpose is like that of Chegg.

Andrew Greear is the brains behind this virtual portal, which has been in operation since 2006.

You can get more out of Course Hero is the paid membership package. If you are not ready to spend a dime on this, you can get started on the free CourseHero trial account where you can test out if the paid version is worth or not.

Another way to access Course Hero answers other than paying the subscription fee, is by uploading original study material where you get unlocks in exchange. You can then use those unlocks to read and download content available on Course Hero.

Course Hero is mostly known for providing course-specific study solution both through providing questions to your answers and also through linking you to expert tutors who can provide written solutions to your queries.

Course Hero has a vibrant affiliate program where you can earn more by referring new users. You earn a commission from everybody who gets the paid membership through your affiliate link. Learn more about affiliate marketing here!

Course Hero is also known for providing scholarships to deserving students.

Course Hero has Android and iOS mobile apps which you can use to complete all the tasks on your mobile phone. Check out this guide on how to make money with a smartphone!



6. PaperHelp


At PaperHelp you can get academic writing and editing/proofreading services for your essays and other exam-related problems.

This website will link you to the best expert tutors who can answer any homework related question at a fee starting @ $12 per page.

It does not matter if you are in high-school college or P.H.D level. Anybody can get help on this website.

They also have a referral program where you get 10% commission or discount on every new user who signs up using your affiliate link.



7. Crazy For Study (CFS)


You get textbook solutions, assignment help, and answers to your study questions at Crazy For Study (CFS), which is another best alternative to Litanswers.

On the free membership plan, you get to ask 50 questions every month and unlimited access to textbook solutions.

If you pay the $3 monthly subscription fee you shall be able to do more and unlock more features at CFS.

Finance, marketing, biology and accounts are the main subjects covered on this platform.

They say that their top three main goals is to help students save money, save time and improve on their education.



8. CommonLit


CommonLit offers students two major benefits; one, making them better readers and two, taking care of their writing tasks.

This is a platform for both teachers and students. Check out this related guide on how teachers make money online during summer holidays.

CommonLit works with over 75,000 schools on projects related to student assessments, onboarding support and professional development.



9. Couponcruz


Couponcruz is a website where you can get the best deals and giveaways in the Tech industry for free.

For instance, apart from getting free Chegg answers, you can get free Netflix Account deals, free Disney Plus deals and Free Spotify deals among other items.

You can use Couponcruz to unblur Chegg answers as explained in this step by step guide put together by the team behind this website.

Alternatively, you can watch their video guide below to get started with getting free Chegg of Course Hero Answers at Couponcruz.



10. School Solver


School Solver is another best alternative to Lit Answers because it provides fast and sure solution to getting your Chegg questions answered.

Instead of wasting too much time looking for Chegg answers, you can simply give those questions to experts and tutors at School Solver.

Those experts will provide you with professional answers at very cheap prices within your convenient deadlines.



11. Skooli


Skooli works the same as School Solver explained above.

The only difference between the two is their pricing startegies.

At Schoool Solver you pay per projects depending on its complexity while at Skooli you pay per minutes of tutoring. The minimum rate at Skooli is $0.82 cents per minute.

Another difference is that you are able to instant message or do video conferencing with tutors at Skooli. That means you can hire tutors on long-term basis too at Skooli.



12. Wyzant


Wyzant is a platform that will connect you with experts who are ready to answer your study questions for free.

All you have to do is go and submit your Chegg question then you shall receive answers from the experts.



13. Qanda


Quanda has a powerful artificial intelligence system that can help you get answers to your Chegg questions.

They even have a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices which you can use to find all the solutions right from your mobile phone.


Lit Answers Review- 14 Chegg Study Hacks On How To Get Chegg Answers & Other Study Materials For Free




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Lit Answers Reddit: Is Lit Answers Available on Reddit?


I went to Reddit and searched Litanswers, the response was, “sorry there is no such results on our community”.

In such a case I would say that Litanswers is not available on Reddit.



Can I Access Lit Answers Through Proxy Or VPN?


No, you cannot access Litanswers even with proxy or VPN because the website is down. In other words, the site is no longer operational, which means you cannot reach its servers in any means or form.



Is Lit Answers Banned?


Litanswers was not really banned, instead it was pulled down by DMCA regulatory board for failing to meet copyright requirements.



Final Thoughts & Conclusions On Lit Answers & Its Alternatives


Litanswers was really a good platform loved by many people for getting Chegg answers for free.

Unfortunately, the site is no longer available because it was pulled down.

In that case, that is why we discussed other 13 Lit Answers alternatives which you can use instead of Lit Answers.


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