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50 High-Paying Online Jobs For 2019

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Online Jobs

Would love to be able to quit your 9-5 job? Also, would you not love to retire early? How about being able to work from home within your own flexible work schedule?

If you desire all that, here are 50+ online jobs you can turn into highly profitable side jobs, passive income streams and ways to make above $2,000 every month online.

These 40 online jobs from home will kick-off your journey to financial freedom because anybody can become an internet billionaire quickly.

However, I am not talking about the “get rich overnight” and “spammy” kind of businesses here. All these side hustles legit and will require your perseverance, handwork, and consistency to bear fruits.

This post may contain affiliate links, read a full disclosure policy here.


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50 Online Jobs For 2019

Online Jobs From Home

1. Blogging

Blogging involves writing about a topic/niche you are passionate about. You can blog on almost any topic you are passionate about under the sun, such as food, traveling, nutrition, pet care, and golf among others, which makes this one of the best online jobs out there.

I quit my job in January 2018 due to unavoidable family issues. While I was looking for a side hustle, I came across multiple blogging income reports, which motivated me to start this blog sproutmentor.com towards the end of February 2018.

Unfortunately, I made less than $100 the whole of that year. While I was about to give up on November 2018, I decided to reach out to bloggers who were making money in my country, and that is how I met Virginia Nakitari from Earn Smart Online Class. Virginia shared the strategies she had used to make more than $4,000  and generate more than 200,000 page views per month to her blog.

After implementing those strategies towards the end of November 2018, my traffic grew from below 20,000 page views to above 90,000. Additionally, my income has grown from less than $100 to more than $2,000 in less than four months. For example, last month of February 2019 I made more than $2,000 as explained below;

  • iGain: $533 (See Screenshot)
  • Maxbounty: $232 (See screenshot)
  • Panthera Network: $77 (See screenshot)
  • Mediavine: $915 (See Screenshot)
  • Divi Theme: $105 (See Screenshot)
  • Course Promotion: $125 (I promoted four courses at the beginning of Feb you can check them in this post.)
  • Direct Client Projects: $500 (Unfortunately, this money was sent to my PayPal account which receives cash other sources, so it’s not possible to separate this cash from the rest)

Total Income Earned February 2019: $2,487

I was a complete beginner when I started blogging, If I made it this far, I know you can too. Click here and here to see some of the blogging mistakes which I was making all along that cause me not to make money blogging for too long.

In case you are wondering how a blog makes money visit this article to learn more about monetizing a blogging business.

Visit this detailed step by step guide on how to start a blog to learn how to build a money making blog from scratch with zero coding expertise and past blogging experience.

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2. Selling Online

If you are good at creating something, such as baby products, beauty items, and clothes among others you need to consider this as one of the online job.

Also, this works best if you have old and unused stuff that you do not need anymore, you can sell such for a profit.

The advantage of this side hustle idea is that it has higher financial returns because selling online means exposing your merchandise to a large number of people globally.

Case Study
See a case study of this family which makes more than $50,000 per month selling homemade products on Amazon and other online stores.

10 Things You Can Sell Online

3. Car Sharing & Renting

Do you own a car? This is one of the best online jobs  because it requires little or no investment. The apps below will help you to find clients and high-paying gigs.

 Turo: You begin by listing your vehicle in this site, then you will get a notification when a customer requests to use it.

Getaround: This site operates like Turo. It mostly operates in local communities.

RVshare: This is a site where RV car owners get matched with people who would like to hire such type of cars.

 Other similar sites: RentalCarsHolidayCarsAirportCarsHyre Car.

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Some of our readers have reported that they have used Getaound to make more than $1000. Click here to list your car at Getaround to begin making money today!

4. Shopping Online

Did you know you can make money online while you are shopping in popular e-commerce stores? Below are some of the best apps/sites you can use to start an online shopping business.

Swagbucks: Swagbucks will give you points after shopping in famous stores, such as Amazon. You can then redeem those points for gift cards, coupons, sweepstakes entries and cash prizes among other rewards.

Ebates: This app is connected to more than 2,500 stores. It will save you money through giving you a cash back for every online shopping you perform.

Befrugal: This is a site you can get coupons, discounts and up to 8% cash backs and much more. They work with many online stores to help you save money shopping.

My Points: In this site you earn points for doing several things, such as online shopping. You can them exchange those points into cash, gift cards and shopping vouchers.

ShopTracker: This app will pay you to shop on Amazon, share shopping receipts, history and give feedback on your shopping experiences.

Drop: Get cash backs and earn points every time you shop using this app.

Shopkick: Apply for shopping gift cards, coupons and discount offers on this site.

Mystery Shopper: Get paid to shop for other people who are busy or those looking for image consultants.

Best Shopping Apps Winners
Based on users reviews gathered from TrustPilot and our readers feedback, Ebates and Drop shopping apps are considered to be the best options for making and saving money when shopping online.

5. Drop Shipping

Dropshipping is one of the best online jobs to start because in this is a type of online store retail business where you do not handle or keep the stock, but partner with other wholesale suppliers to market their merchandise to customers.

So what you do in this internet business model is collect customer orders, and shipping details then forward them to the wholesaler who handles everything else including delivery. Check out this dropshipping guide for newbies to understand how this online business idea works.

ShopifyAliExpressAliDropShipBigCommerce and Wix are some of the best platforms to build drop shipping online store, which will make money and bring high returns to you.

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Shopify is one of the best and most popular platform you can use to set up your dropshipping store. Click here to start Shopify 14-Days Free Trial Today!

6. E-Commerce

In this internet business model, you will have to handle the merchandise directly unlike in drop shipping where you are just an intermediary.

It is one of the best online jobs start because this day’s people have shifted their buying to online stores, such as Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba among others.

E-commerce stores are highly profitable, but they require high investment capital and too much work to create.

When building an E-commerce store you can use either a self-hosted or hosted platforms. Hosted platforms, such as Shopify and BigCommerce will allow you to set up an online store using all the resources provided.

On the other hand, a self-hosted platform is where you register your domain name is a web hosting provider, such as BluehostSiteGround and Hostgator among others.

Best Tips for building an E-commerce store

  • Pick a profitable niche market like the examples given in this article.
  • Clearly define your buyer persona or target audience clearly.
  • Get a professional logo designer for only $5 at Fiverr.
  • Choose a clean and responsive eCommerce theme, such as these examples here and here.
  • Perform recommended search engine optimization procedures, such as keyword research, on page Seo optimization, link building and off page Seo best practices for your online store.
  •  Market your online stores using these best online business promotion strategies to make more sales and build brand awareness.
  • Create a responsive and user friendly interface and web design. You can hire a web developer/designer at Freelancer to make things easy.
  • Offer popular payment methods, such as PayPal and Credit cards among others.
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Online Jobs For Teens

7. Driver

This is one of the best online jobs for teens for because most people want to move from one place to the next, but lack vehicles to do so conveniently.

You can use the following companies or apps to register as a driver, get high paying gigs and even meet your ideal clients.

UberThis is an app that connects customers with ideal drivers. According to Glassdoor and Uber Study, an Uber driver earns a salary anywhere around $11 to $20.

Lyft: This app is similar to Uber, and customers use it to request rides from registered drivers. All you have to do as a Lyft driver is to accept the offers that fit in your schedule and location.

Other apps which are similar to the two above HopSkipDriveWingzJunoiCarpool.

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Sign Up to become a Lyft Driver today to get a chance to win a $300 sign up bonus after your first 100 rides!

8. Delivery Agent

This is a simple best online jobs with many opportunities you can use to make money online either full-time or part-time during your free relaxing time.

a) Deliver packages

Amazon Flex: You will earn $18 to $25 delivering Amazon packages to people in different locations. The advantage is that you get to choose how many hours you want to work because their schedules are flexible.

Instacart: This is an app used by online shoppers. Thus, you can sign up as a driver and get paid at least $9 per hour to deliver their shopping packages.

SendFlowers: Get paid to deliver flowers to different locations.

Drizly: You get to earn a decent salary for delivering alcohol, wine, and other such drinks. You can get similar gigs at Saucey and Minibar Delivery.

Other apps and sites are similar to the above: DelivRoadieFavorShypBurroGoShareDoormanCitizenShipper and PeerShip.

b) Deliver food and Groceries

Postmates: The Company pays $25 per hour to people who are hired to deliver food, groceries, and drinks.

DoorDash: Get paid to collect food from different restaurants, then deliver it to customers to their homes or workplaces.

Shipt: A company that specializes in the delivery of groceries. Drivers make $25 per hour, and you must be above 18 years old to apply.

Munchery: Apart from being paid reimbursement for gas and mileage, this company pays drivers $20 per hour to deliver ordered foods and products.

UberEats: You can easily make $10 to $20 per hour delivering food from famous restaurants to customers.

Martha & Marley Spoon: Earn at least $10 per hour for delivering recipes and their ingredients to households and businesses.

Other apps/sites similar to those above: GrubhubEatStreetBurpyCaviarTapingoOrderUp.

Our Readers Pick
Doordash is voted #1 company you can find highly paid delivery jobs. Their minimum pay is $9/hour which is fair and affordable. Click here to sign up as a Doordash Delivery Agent today!

9. Tester

Businesses both traditional and online are always creating new products and websites daily. You can take advantage of this by getting paid to test those websites and products and give your feedback.

Those businesses and companies use the feedback to improve the user experience of the product in question.

Sites that will pay you to test products: Test IOProduct Testing Australia, and Product Testing United States.

10. Reviewer

Be paid to write reviews for products and services on several websites, such as AmazonPointPrizes, and Swagbucks.

For example, Slicethepie is one the best music review sites out there that will pay you to listen and give opinions on music track records. You can easily make above $2 per hour in this site for doing short, simple tasks.

The advantage of this online job is that you do not need any college degree or technical expertise to make money with this side hustle.

Online Jobs For Students

11. Take Surveys

Taking surveys is a very common online job you can use to make extra cash every month because there so many survey sites on the internet like the 50 in this post.

You shall get paid to answer simple survey questions used by marketers for market research in this best side hustle idea for 2019.Follow this link to find the story of 4 online entrepreneurs who used surveys to become internet billionaires.

The advantage of this online job is that you do not need any prior experience and its a side hustle you can do from anywhere even from the comfort of your home.

5 Best Survey Sites for 2019

Our Readers Pick
Survey Junkie is one of the best and most popular survey site where you can earn up to $75 per survey!

12. Photographer

Are you a creative photographer with vast expertise and opportunity for acquiring high-quality photographs?

Or are you someone who travels a lot and gain access to different environments, landscape and people whose photographs can tell a story. If so, this is one of the best side hustle ideas to start your journey to financial freedom.

There are many places you can sell your high-quality stock photos, such as Shutterstock.

Additionally, you can turn your passion into a business by getting hired and paid to take photographs of other people on the internet.

14. Freelance Writing

Are your writing skills top-notch?

This is one of the best online jobs for college students because you can offer academic writing services to students or content writing services to other online entrepreneurs, such as magazine sites.

The upside of this online job is that you can do it in the comfort of your home. Also, you online need a laptop, fast internet connection and electricity to start, which makes it easy to start even as a beginner with little or no experience.

There are many types of freelance writing services you can offer to clients, such as copywriting, proofreading, ghostwriting and article writing among others.

In this internet business model, there are many freelance networks you can find writing gigs, such as UpworkFreelancer and Fiverr among others.

Recommended Reading
Write Your Way to Your First 1k is one of the best and cheaply priced online course that will teach you how to become a six-figure salary freelance writer. It is created by Elna Cain who make more than $200 for less than 1000 words freelance writing gigs.

15. Start a Podcast

Apart for text, video, and images, audio is also essential in internet businesses.

The importance of audio has resulted in the development of podcasts, which are digital audio files that are downloadable in electronic devices.

It is all about finding what you are passionate about (niche) and you put that idea into paper and actualize it right now (ultimate guide to starting a Podcasting online business)

You will need to buy a microphone and headset with good sound quality, such as the Yeticaster.

Case studies of this business model: Tim Ferris, and Patt Flynn.

16. Become a Youtuber or Vlogger

Make money online as a Youtuber through videos is one of the best online jobs because there are many ways to monetize a Youtube channel. For instance, you can make money through ads, affiliate marketing and selling digital products among other methods on your YouTube channel.

Follow this link to find 10 case studies of businesses rocking it on Youtube to understand why this is one of the best online business to start with zero capital investment.

Online Jobs For Moms

17. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant business is where you offer several services to companies and professionals from anywhere in the world.

Most online entrepreneurs without an in-house team of experts for several tasks, such as social media profile management and bookkeeping among others will need the services of virtual assistants.

This is one of the best online jobs because there are many places you can find high paying jobs. For example you can find tasks in freelance marketplaces, such as Upwork and zirtual.

The best way to build a highly profitable virtual assistance online business is by creating a website/portfolio. This will act as a resume and the tool you shall use to market your services. Find a comprehensive list of Case Studies here, such as that of Cindy.

Five of the Best Virtual Assistant Resources & Courses

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Best Place To Find Virtual Assistant Gigs
Fiverr is one of the best and most popular marketplace you can use to get highly paid virtual assistant tasks. Click here to browse virtual assistant gigs on Fiverr!

18. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an internet business model where you make money through recommending other entrepreneur products to your audience and customers.

To make through in this business model, you must pick a niche, such as weight loss, marketing, and food among others.

So your task is to look for products in that niche and show customers how they can solve their problems through writing a comparison, how-to, review and detailed posts.

Before writing the post or selling copy, you must acquire the affiliate link from the manufacturer/creator of the product or an affiliate network, which you will use to link the customer to the product.

If the customer uses that link to purchase the product, then you will make a percentage of a sale called a commission, which makes this one of the best online business to start.

Best affiliate programs: MaxBountyIgainAmazon associatesClickBank and ShareASale. Find a comprehensive list in this article.

19. Book Author & Publisher

Writing eBooks is one of the best online jobs because it has low investment costs and it is popular so you can find many tutorials that will get you started.

Several platforms, such as SendOwlAmazon KindleCreateSpace, and PressBooks among others have made self-publishing of books with zero investment possible for anybody who can write a good copy.

20. Course Creator & Instructor

Yes, it is true that online courses are time-consuming and laborious to create. The good news is that there is an excellent source of passive income and it is one of the best side hustle ideas to generate extra income because the return are high.

There are many sites where you can host and sell your online course, such as SkillShareUdemy, TeachableCoach, and Kajabi among others.

Our Readers Pick
Udemy has more than 15 million students, and 100 million monthly visits per month. This means you can easily make more than $1000 per month with selling courses on Udemy.

Part-Time Online Jobs

21. Pet Sitting

Most people love to keep pets, but they cannot manage to look after them all the time, especially when they leave for work or other engagements.

It is for this reason that such people will hire pet sitters to care for their pets while they are away.

There are many forms of pet sitting, such as dog walking, pet grooming, pet training, and pet cuddling among others.

If you love washing, feeding, massaging, walking and grooming among other tasks, then this will be a fun and straightforward work from home job for you.

Five sites to get a pet sitting jobs

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Do you want to hire a pet sitter on Rover? Click here to get $25% OFF your first booking. Remember to apply for a pet sitting job once you are on the site.

22. Personal Coach

Technology has changed the landscape of coaching, such that you do not have to meet your clients face-to-face in an office.

As long as you know how to sell yourself as a coach in the online platform and can win the attention and trust of your audience, you are good to go in this best online business to start today.

Case studies of coaching businesses and their founders killing it online: MyTaxi, taxi drivers coach and Tony Robbins, personal development coach.

23. Caregiver

There are many types of jobs you can do in this category, such as in-home nannies, and baby sitters among others.

This is a job for people who love working for others, making other happy and helping other people complete short tasks.

Therefore, if you love children and the elderly, in-home care for such persons is one of the best work from home job with high returns. An in-home nanny makes more than $8 per hour, which means this is a lucrative opportunity with decent pay.

Sites you can find care giving jobs: Care.com, Sittercity, GoNannies, Flexjobs, and VisitingAngels among others.

Best Site To Find Care giving Jobs
Sittercity is one of the best places you can find caregiver jobs, such as being a in-home nanny or caretaker for the elderly. The upside is that to join is completely free and fast!

24. Handyman

This job involves completing short and small manual tasks, such as moving and packing, furniture assembly, mounting and installation of equipment and home décor among others.

In addition, you can get paid to complete small part-time jobs and tasks for brands, such as Pinterest, Microsoft, and Expedia among others. Examples of such works include image annotation, keyword research, translating documents among others. You will get paid weekly via PayPal.

Sites to find such jobs: TaskRabbit, Spare 5, mTurk, AirTasker and Coin Bucks among others.

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Hire a tasker on TaskRabbit today, and you shall get $10 to $100 OFF on your first booking. You can use this code (TASK20TR) to make the process easier.


Online Typing Jobs

25. Data Entry

Data Entry one of the best online jobs because you can do it from any remote or freelance location.

It involves carrying out many tasks, such as data processing, typing, entering data and even coding it for experts.

The advantage of data entry jobs is that they will give you the flexibility to work from anywhere you want. You will also be allowed to set your working schedule unlike being forced to comply with the strict 9-5 office working hours.

Click here to discover 15 data entry jobs you can use to make money online >>>>

Best Sites To Find Data Entry Jobs
Flexjobs: This is an online job listing site where companies and individuals post new job alerts for potential candidates to apply.
Fiverr: This is a popular freelance marketplace where people post projects they want to be completed by freelance from anywhere in the world.

25. Proofreading & Editing

In simple words, a proofreader reads a document word for word with the goal of correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, formatting and sentence structure errors or mistakes forgotten during editing.

Proofreading is often confused with editing, but they are different. Yes, they have several similarities, such as both have the same goal of perfecting a document. Also, both are activities that take place during the writing process.

Editing is a more in-depth process because it also corrects clarity of ideas, the coherence of thoughts and organization of ideas. On the other hand, proofreading is less detailed because it aims to look for vocabulary, grammar, spelling and punctuation error which might have been during the editing process.

Click here to discover 40 proofreading jobs for beginners you can use to make money online >>>>

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Do you want to hire someone for proofreading or Editing Services? Click here to hire someone from as low as $5 on Fiverr Today!

26. Transcription

This is one of the best online jobs to start today where you get paid to translate audio files into text or Written words.

One strength of this type of business is that there are many companies out there where you can find work and partners to work with for this internet business model.

Recommended readings: Finding Transcription Gigs and Transcription for beginners.

Places to find Transcription jobs;

Online Jobs Without Registration Fee

27. Get Paid To Jobs

The internet has many sites that will pay you after completing certain activities. For example, below are some of the tasks you will get paid to….

Our Readers Top Pick
Swagbucks is voted the top #1 get paid to site where you can easily earn money after completing multiple tasks, such as watching videos, playing games, reading emails, shopping online etc. Click here to claim your FREE $5 sign up bonus at Swagbucks today!

28. Translator

If you know many languages or have a passion for learning new ones this best online side hustle ideas for you.

You can find work in freelancing sites or create a website which you can use as a portfolio to pitch different clients.

Rev and Language Line Services are some of the best sites you can use to find language translation jobs.

Recommended readings: Starting a translating business and How to become a freelance translator.

Best Place To Find Translation Gigs
Click here to sign up as a Fiverr freelance today, so that you can be able to apply to their 1000+ translation gigs. Its is 100% Free to Join!

29. Graphic Designer

You can become an offline graphic design or freelance online graphic designer or even combine both for better results.

Graphic designers will always be in high demand to create a wide range of resources businesses (both online and offline) cannot live without, such as logos, images, infographics and other brand-specific information.

Monetize your design skills: If you are a designer of themes, logos, fonts, photos and any other design element, you can sell your pieces or offer your design services in the following ways;

30. Interior Designer

This is the best online jobs to start if you have a good taste for design and possess the perfect mix of skills for this type of business, such as knowledge of fabrics, color balancing skills and creativity? If so this opportunity is for you!

The upside of this type of internet business is that you will be able to market your projects and designs to a broad audience globally.

Case studies: Houzz and HGTV

Recommended readings: 47 resources for online interior designers and Interior Design Reference Manual.

Online Customer Service Jobs

31. LiveOps

This is a marketplace for call center workers that was established in 2001. It has connected over 20,000 call center agents with businesses globally. This makes Liveops the largest cloud contact center, where you can find work from home jobs.

Job category: This is a place you can find remote work from home call center agents jobs and customer service agents.

Location: This Company works mostly with regions in the United States with three main headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Dayton.

Click Here to Browse Jobs at Liveops >>>>>>>>

32. Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world dealing with online retailing.

Since it was established, Amazon has employed more than 90,000 work from home employees around the world for all types of jobs, full-time, part-time, remote and seasonal opportunities.

Job categories: At Amazon, you can find best work from home jobs in Administrative support, audio/video/photography production, business intelligence, customer service, design, economics, writing, app development, and human resource.

Click Here to Browse jobs on Amazon >>>>>>

34. Sykes

Sykes is a market leader company, and one of the Fortune 100 companies offering work at home jobs is almost every industry and category.

The company founded in 1977 has its headquarters at Tampa, Florida.

They hire professionals across the United States in 40 States. They also have other growth opportunities, such as career training workshops.

Click Here to Aplly for a Job on Sykes Today >>>>>>>

35. TTEC

TTEC is one of the Fortune 500 companies leading in business process outsourcing market space.

This company operates globally in more than 24 headquarters across 80 international markets, meaning they have multiple work from home jobs opportunities.

Apart from being a service provider, TTEC as an employer has provided more than 20,000 home-based, remote, telecommuting, virtual and work from home jobs to over 50,000 professionals since 1982, when it was established.

Click Here to Apply for a Job at TTEC >>>>> 

Online Marketing Jobs

36. Direct Sales Agents

Most retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers are always hiring sales agents or representatives to act brand ambassadors, marketers and salespersons. The company will then pay you one a commission basis for all the sales you drive.

Avon, the third largest beauty and home care e-commerce store in the world, is one such company that are always hiring a sales rep to help market their brand and drive more sales.

As an Avon Sales Rep, you will be paid 40% commission on all your sales, get insurance covers, product discounts, free training and ability to travel the world.

Other companies are always hiring sales reps: Stella & Dot and Sseko.

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37. Social Media Managers

Every business on the internet needs social media for promotion, networking and finding clients.

However, managing social media accounts is time-consuming, and this explains why most of this businesses will outsource the services of a social media manager. This is one of the side hustle ideas because it is  high paying and the opportunities are many.

38. Tele-Marketers

This is a type of online business model where you will work as a freelance telemarketer responsible for setting appointments with customers for companies.

In this internet business model, you will be responsible for connecting businesses and companies to warm leads and business opportunities.

Recommended reading: A complete guide to telemarketing business and Telemarketing business.

39. Online Moderators

Online moderators are people who are hired to oversee activities and communications which take place in communities, such as forums, Facebook and Twitter among others.

Online moderators can be hired by social media companies, content producers, job listing sites and chat support sites among others.

As a moderator you expect to earn from $10 to $15 per hour which is likely to total to more than $37,000 per year. Apart from the decent pay, another advantage of this online part time job is that you get to work from home and it has flexible working hours.

Places to Find Online Moderating Jobs: Zynga, ICUC Social, Aquent, 99 Dollar Social, Yelp, Cloud Workers, and JobVite.com among others.

Online Tutoring Jobs

40. Enlish Second Language (ESL) Tutoring

English is a language used internationally, and that is why countries like China, Japan, and Korea are always hiring native English speakers to tutor their children.

Virtual tutors earn more than $12 per hour, which is a decent pay than that offered by most jobs in traditional business setups.

To qualify in most of these online English tutoring jobs, you need to meet the following minimum qualifications;

  • Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in any field subject.
  • Must have a device, such as Desktop or Laptop you will use to teach from.
  • Must have noise-canceling Headsets
  • Must have high speed and stable internet connection.
  • You will need teaching aids, such as Hand PuppetsWhiteboardFlashcards with letters,
  • Must have a quiet home office without distractions.
  • Having prior teaching experience will be an added advantage

Click here to discover 16 companies hiring English tutors now >>>>>>>>

41. Homework Help tutoring

This is a type of tutoring where you help students, learners and researchers to find answers to their homework quizzes and essays.

You can do that through answering to forum questions or creating answer sheets and selling them at a fair prize.

Site you can use to find such tutoring jobs: Course Hero, Quizlet and  Chegg among others.

42. Academic Or Research Tutoring

In this online job you get paid to help students and other clients on the internet to complete their assignments. Most people/students have busy lifestyles which have resulted in high demand for online tutors.

The upside of this work from home job is that there are many assignment types, such as essays, term papers, discussions, research papers and case studies among others available.

You can quickly make a lot of money from this work from home opportunity with no startup cost since its payouts are slightly high with at least 3USD for every 300 words.

Sites you can get academic writing jobs: WriterslabsUvocorpEliteScoreWritersWriterbay, and Writershub among others.

Recommended reading: 50+ academic sites to find writing gigs and make money online.

Other Online Jobs

43. Video Editing & Producing

This is one of the online jobs because video is one of the most influential media of communication on the internet.

This explains why Youtube is the second most powerful search engine after Google.

However, most marketers and online businesses do not know how to produce and edit quality videos that sell.

This is where you come in as a video producer and editor. Get paid to offer these services to other people in need.

Recommended reading: 10 websites to learn online video production and Building a video production business.

Best Place To Find Video Work Gigs
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44. Trading

a) Bitcoin Mining & Trading

Bitcoin mining is a business model that focuses on using computer resources to solve technical problems in exchange for money.

This is one of the best online jobs to start, but you must have the right hardware, software, and equipment to make money in this business model.

Below are some of the sites you can check bitcoin mining opportunities and other cryptocurrency related online jobs.

b) Forex trading

This is one of the best online jobs because it will enable you to trade currencies and get profits in even smart market prediction.

The forex market is worth over 5.3 trillion per day, and this means that there is a big chance for anyone to make money, but it requires handwork and risk-tolerance.

Case studies and success stories of this internet business model: Bill Lipschutz and Bruce Kovner

Recommended resources: Get started guide and 10 best resources for forex traders.

c) Stock Trading

This is one of the best online business to start where buyers and sellers of shares and other stock market products meet to trade.

It is not an easy market to earn money online, but you can make a great fortune out of it by using the right strategies and business models.

Recommended reading: How to Trade Stocks Online and Get started with stock trading

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45. Flipping

Website and Domain Flipping is one of the best online job ideas where you purchase, renovate, rebrand and sell websites and domains. In that process, you make a profit.

To work with this internet business model, many sites support this business model, such as Flippa and Empire Flippers. Here is a case study of a person that made $17,000 profit in 6 months and another who generated $50,000 in 20 months flipping a single website.

46. Personal Trainer

An internet business where you get hired to help a client deal with a particular problem in their life, such as eating disorders or weight issues among others.

The one characteristic that makes this one of the best side hustle ideas is that you can become a personal trainer in many niches, such as fitness, bodybuilding, and children health among others.

The growth of the internet with many mediums of communication, such as text, audio, and video among others, you do not have to meet with your clients directly.

Most personal trainers have leveraged the use of YouTube and Skype to reach international customers.

Case studies and success stories: Nathan Dematz and Justine switalla

Recommended readings: Complete guide to becoming an online personal trainer and Make money online as a personal trainer.

47. App Development

If you understand some javaScript, UX/UI design, cloud computing and other programming languages, you should think of trying out this internet business model.

These can be mobile or other electronic devices apps, which help customers to access the services of a business in different formats.

Recommended reading: Getting started with App development and a beginner’s guide to developing Apps.

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48. Event Planners

Event planning is a business where you help people to organize and prepare for several occasions, such as weddings, baby showers and birthdays among others.

This is one of the best side hustle ideas because it has high financial returns as shown in these case studies of event planning business and success stories of Candice Coppola and Jenn Sbranti.

Recommended readings42 tips for event planning business, how to start an event planning business and A beginners blueprint to launching an event planning business.

49. Consultant

Are you an expert on a given topic or niche? If you are you can get paid to offer your expert knowledge to other internet entrepreneurs in this best online business.

Entrepreneurs will always look for knowledge and answers to making more money, winning more customers, growing empires and creating better successes stories, which makes this one of the best online business to start.

For instance, Kurt Elster, an E-commerce consultant, and Noah Fleming, business strategy consultant, are some Case studies of consultants making millions with this side hustle idea for 2019.

Recommended readingGetting Started in a Consulting Business and How to build a six-figure consulting business.

50. Ad Posting & Reading

The internet platform has many companies and businesses who want to grab the attention of their audience.

You can take this opportunity by allowing yourself to be paid to post ads on behalf of those companies.

Their many sites you can get this kind of gigs, such as CraiglistAdPost.com, and OLX among others.

Recommended reading: Making money online posting ad case study and How to make money online posting ads.

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40 side hustle ideas and online business jobs that will make you a billionaire quickly. These are perfect ways to make extra cash online and they can also be good work from home jobs. I use #2 and #3 to make a full-time income working online from home. You can do it too!#onlinebusiness #onlinebusinessideas#onlinejobs #remotejobs#makemoneyonline #extracashideas#workfromhome #homebusiness#money #workfromhomejobs #sidehustles

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