Remote Typing Jobs No Experience


What are the best remote typing jobs with no experience?

These typing jobs online improve job satisfaction and performance because they give an employee the flexibility to set a personalized working schedule.

Also, these typing jobs from home with no experience give the employee some health benefits like low stress caused by the conflict in the workplace, and diseases caused by environmental pollution among others.

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Sara Sutton, the queen of remote work is the founder of Remote.Co. She is also the founder of Flexjobs, the number one job site for work-from-home jobs.

Since 2007, Sutton has been featured in Time, Forbes, and Entrepreneur magazines because she has continued to ensure that these two companies offer the best telework.



Remotive helps to place people with top talents in vetted and legit remote jobs offered by multinational tech companies and non-governmental organizations.

There are jobs that are available worldwide, and others that are specific to your location. This gives a chance to anyone who wants to work remotely from any place.


We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely receives traffic of over 3 million visitors daily, making it the largest community for remote work parties.

Apart from remote jobs, you can also enjoy tips for being a successful remote worker from their highly active blog, learning center and forum.


Meta Careers

Meta is the latest product released by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp in 2021.

The goal of Meta is to solve more societal problems by increasing the connectivity of people. Meta Careers does that by providing remote jobs, which allow people to work from anywhere on any device.




NoDesk offers the best stay-at-home jobs for beginners, entry-level chat support jobs, and other text chat operator jobs from home.

It works with some of the best top-rated fortune 500 companies, which are always hiring for remote work.


Working Nomads

Working Nomads curates the best remote jobs and professional careers from companies, organizations, and recruitment agencies.

After getting the legit jobs, they list them on their website for remote workers to apply to the open positions.



GitLab offers the best remote jobs for software developers.

They have created an open source community of organizations and code contributors who have focused their work on software development.


Reading Eggs


Reading Eggs seeks to make the process of learning fun, interactive, and more productive for children between the ages of two to thirteen.

You can work on this site as a collaborator who is hired to type lesson apps, content for reading apps, homeschooling study guides, and more.



Prodigy creates educational learning games for students, teachers, and students.

As a typist, you can become a game tester, game script writer, or apply to other careers posted on this site.



IXL owns some well-known brands in the education niche like Rosetta Stone and Wyzant among others, whose goal is to improve education.

Apart from typing jobs, they have more than 100+ open positions in multiple departments like curriculum design, IT, and sales among others.

Remote Typing Jobs No Experience

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