Side Jobs To Do If You Quit a 9-5 Job

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Is it possible to make money online on the side?

What can you do if you decide to quit your 9-5-day job?

The reason we work on a daily basis is to meet our needs and attain financial freedom.

The best way to increase your income is by taking on side jobs also known as side gigs or side hustles which will help you to make money on the side working during your spare time.


The advantage of side jobs is that you can complete them from home or any other flexible remote location.

Also, there are so many side jobs online meaning there is an opportunity for everyone even people with little or no education training or technical expertise.

This post contains 15+ side jobs from home you can use to make more than $5,000 every month!


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Side Jobs To Do If You Quit a 9-5 Job





Blogging is one of the best online business ideas with the potential of helping you to attain financial freedom.

For example, with, I can make more than $2,000 per month from affiliate sales and advertising, as explained in this income report.

Offer! Offer! Infinite Hosting (a hosting company that lets you host unlimited blogs and websites on one platform) is giving away a 30% off discount! Click Here To Find Out More.

You will be surprised to learn that some bloggers make way more than $30,000 per month from these monetization strategies.

Therefore, blogging is a beginner-friendly side job with high returns because you do not need a college degree or technical expertise to do it.

Use this step-by-step tutorial to create your blog in under two hours today!



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Proofreading is the process of reading a document word for word to identify grammar, punctuation coherence mistakes, among other errors.

As a proofreader, you need these skills; impeccable grammar, attention to detail, an ‘eagles’ eye, and a passion for reading written materials or content.

As a beginner proofreader, you expect to make around $10 per hour or $0.02 per word.

Once you become more experienced, you should be able to charge more than $50 per hour.

Caitlin Pyle, the founder of Proofread Anywhere, went from broke to a $3000 income daily. She is sharing her secrets on how she was able to attain her success as a proofreader in this >>> FREE 76-minute workshop<<<<


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Making money does not to be through earning extra cash because saving on spending is also a way of making money.

Refinancing is the process where a third party pays off your existing loan (usually one with a higher interest rate), and then you shall get a new loan (with a lower interest rate).

For example, if your current student loan is asking for a 40% interest rate, using a refinancing site like can create a new loan for you with a 10-20% interest rate.

That means that you will save half the amount you would have spent on the initial loan.

Apart from refinancing, peer-to-peer lending is another way to make extra money on this model of loans.

Peer-to-peer lending & borrowing is a business model where investors lend borrowers a loan online, and then they get back the amount with a 3-20% interest after a given period.

LendingClub is one of the best peer-to-peer lending sites you can use to practice this type of business model.



Offer! Offer! Offer! Get a $15,000 Unsecured Loan Online

Zippy Loan is a site which prides itself in providing its clients with fast personal loans using a simple, secure and transparent process.

They have over 100+ loan lenders who provide a wide variety of unsecured loans for bad credit, which suits the needs of anyone willing to get a personal loan.

Zippy Loan Alternative: Next Day Personal Loan.Com


  • All states in the United States are accepted except for New York, West Virginia or the District of Columbia.
  • The amount you want to borrow must be within the range of $100.00 to $15,000.
  • You must complete all the four steps above on “how it works” section to get your loan approval.
  • Must be willing to work with the Lending period: 6 – 72 months.


  • The process is simple, fast, secure and reliable.
  • The funds are deposited directly to your account within one business day.
  • All credit types are accepted even for people with a bad credit score
  • They have a large pool of lenders 200 and more
  • Their repayment period is more extended than in other sites.

Read this post for more details: 10 Unsecured Personal Loan Sites for Bad Credit





Pinterest Virtual Assistant is hired to help online marketers drive traffic from Pinterest by creating pins.

50% of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest– that how important Pinterest is to online marketers.

This six-figure earning Pinterest VA has a FREE Workshopwhere she teaches Pinterest VAs how to launch successful businesses making more than $2000 every month.

Millions of online entrepreneurs are always looking virtual assistants who can complete task related to;

Social media management


Online research

Email management

Managing bookings and appointments

Calendar management

Blog management

Running personal errands & many other duties.

Five of the Best Virtual Assistant Resources & Courses

30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success

Become a Pinterest VA

Become a Virtual Assistant

International Virtual Assistants Association

VA Networking

The Bootstrap VA


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When you have a question, you go to Google then search for an answer.

Google, Bing, Yahoo among others is what I am calling search engines.

But why search engines?

Because online marketers like me are wiling to pay anyone who can help them rank on page one of Google.

Ranking means their content being in the top three results when a Google user searches a certain phrase.

For example, if you search the phrase, ‘side jobs’ on Google, it would be a big advantage to me is this blog would show up in the top three results displayed by Google as shown in the image below.

The benefit of being in the top three result is that my blog post would get more click through rates which means more traffic to my blog. More traffic is equal to more revenue from ads, affiliate products and product sales.

To rank on Google, online marketers must perform Search Engine Optimization. This is what you can get paid to do for marketers who are busy or those who do not understand technical SEO processes.

I recommend you head over to Fiverr Search Engine Optimization Gigs to get started on this side job. 

Check out a case study of how this Fiverr freelancer makes $150 per hour for providing SEO related services to his clients.


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The small gigs or microtasks economy is huge and popular.

You do not need any special training or skills to make extra income with these types of gigs.

Below are examples of platforms you can get paid to do short tasks.

Get Paid To Click Ads @ StarClicks

Get Paid To Read Emails @ClicksGenie

Get Paid To Play Free Online Games @Swagbucks

Get Paid To Watch Short Videos @ InboxDollars

Get Paid To Share Your Opinion @SurveyJunkie

Get Paid To Take Photos @Shutterstock

Get Paid To Sign Up Accounts @ PicoWorkers


How to Make $50 Daily On Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the number one get paid to (GPT) site on the web. In this site, you complete offers and get paid points called SBs. After you gather enough SBs, you exchange them into cash, gift cards, merchandise, shopping vouchers, and other rewards.

Swagbucks Alternatives: InboxDollars, LifePoints, TimeBucks, and MyPoints.

Ways to make money on Swagbucks

  • Get paid to surf: Surfing is simply the process of browsing the web. Swagbucks will pay you 10-20 SBs for every 20 web searches you make using their browser.
  • Get a free sign up bonus: Swagbucks gives free $5 sign up bonus to all new members.
  • Get paid to take surveys & polls: Make around 40-100 SBs per survey or poll.
  • Get paid to shop online: Earn points and cash backs. For instance, for every $1 you spend on shopping, you receive 3 SBs.
  • Get paid to use apps that pay: Test, review, download and install mobile apps and earn 15-50 SBs per app.
  • Get paid to play games: Earn more than 10 SBs for every game.
  • Earn Referral bonuses: Refer a friend and take 20% of their lifetime earnings at Swagbucks.
  • Get paid to watch TV: Most of us love to watch TV and videos. Swagbucks will pay you approximately 3 SBs per 30-minutes video/TV show
  • Get paid to complete daily goals & tests: For example, earn more than 10 SBs for every goal you accomplish. Or find and use swag codes and make more than 5 SBs per Swag code.

Read this post for more details: 10 Ways to make Money on Swagbucks





Selling things online on different websites and platforms is another easy side job you can do at your spare time.

Below are examples of things you can sell online;

Sell crafts @ Etsy

Sell T-shirts @ T-Spring

Sell clothing @ LetGo

Sell baby used gear @ Craiglist

Sell ads on your car @ Carvertise.

Sell art @ Artfinder

Sell cars @ Blinker

Sell old and used books @ Cash 4 Books

Sell stylish clothes @ ThreadUp

Sell Electronics @ Gazzelle

Sell Jewelry @ Out of Your Life

Sell hair @ Hairsellon





Affiliate marketing is a business where you promote other people’s products then they will pay you a commission for every sale.

The company you are promoting will give you a unique affiliate link they will use to track all your sales.

For example, I am an affiliate of Bluehost, is a popular web hosting package.

For every sale recorded using my affiliate link, I make a 65% commission.

That is if a customer purchased a hosting package worth $100, then I will get $65 commission.

What if you want an automated affiliate marketing solution?

In other words, is there a tool which will allow you to earn recurring affiliate commission without doing all the work from scratch?

Yes, I have a solution.

You can get a cloud-based affiliate site-building app like this DFY CRYPTO SITE.

 The advantage of using this alternative is that;

One, such sites are pre-monetized; that is, you begin making money immediately after acquiring them.

Two, they are fully automated, which means they give you a SET & FORGET.

There, they are built around hot niches with high buying power like the Cryptocurrency niche, among others.

Four, they come with targeted traffic from multiple sources.

Finally, they give you full customization flexibility since they come with a site builder.

 Click Here To See a Done-For-You Cryptocurrency Affiliate Site >>>>>






Taking surveys is one of the best side jobs from home because there are many market researches companies out there that need your opinions on products, services, and other topics.

Also, taking surveys is free, and you do not have to pay any sign-up bonus or have expert-level skills.

All you need is an electronic device, internet connection, time and willingness.

Survey Junkie is our top recommended survey site where you earn cash by sharing your thoughts and opinions.


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Maybe you must be wondering how is getting gift cards is a side job for making money from home.

The answer is simple.

When you get a gift card you will be able to save money you would have spent on that item.

As the common phrase goes, “money saved is money earned.”

For example, you want a shoe worth $500, instead of spending your cash, seek for a store/site offering a $500 shopping gift card, and you will get the shoe free.


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Drop is a shopping app that will help you to make extra money when shopping in the following ways;

Earn points: Once you successfully link this app to your debit cards and shopping accounts you shall earn points which you can redeem into cash. For example, every 1000 points you make, that is equivalent to $5.

Get cashbacks: You can get up to 30% cashback on stuff you already bought with this app.

Get cash rewards: Such as gift cards, free merchandise, cash prices among other prizes.

Paribus is another shopping app which works with most of the big stores, such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, and Apple among others.

You can also get paid  to shop and deliver groceries to customers @ Shipt.

Shopkick is another shopping app that will give you rewards and points every time you use it to do the following;

Watch videos

Shop online

Scan barcodes

Send shopping receipts

Take shopping surveys & many more.






Teaching children or college students is another real way to make money online from home with high returns.

The advantage of this side job is that there are many tutoring opportunities you can use to make extra cash part-time in your spare time.

For example, VIPKID, rated number one companies that are always hiring for work from home jobs will pay you $14-22/HR to teach English to Chinese children.

Below are other sites you can get a tutoring job;

TreeHouse: Get paid to teach people how to code.

BBC Muzzy: Get paid to teach kids a second language.


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Creating and selling an online course is another way to make passive income from home as a tutor.

Udemy is one of the best platforms you can use to sell and market your online courses. The site is popular and has more than 1 billion users, which means your classes will have higher exposure to your target audience.

You can also check out Teachable another best site for creating online courses.

I sell my courses through Sellfy and Sendowl because they have a beginner  friendly interface and they are affordable.





People who are busy at work will need an extra hand to help to get some things done.

Additionally, when out on vacation, most parents or guardians will hire someone to perform several tasks where they are away.

5 Types Of Caregiving Services You Can Get Paid To Offer

Pet Sitting: Dog walking, pet feeding, pet grooming, pet training are examples of pet care jobs you can get paid to do.

Babysitting: Get paid to provide care, attention, and support to kids or older adults when their parents or guardians are away.

Handyman: Gardening, fixing things, plumping, moving, packaging, doing laundry are examples of handyman jobs.

Driver: Get paid to drive people around by ride-sharing apps like Uber. Alternatively, you can get paid to deliver or food packages to people by companies like DoorDash.





Airbnb is a company which offers hospitality services related to rental bookings, lodging arrangements, homestays, and other tourism-related property is renting arrangements.

Since they serve a broad audience worldwide, they are always looking for people with property or rooms available for rent.

Therefore, if you have an extra room in your home or apartments, all you have to do is list it on the Airbnb site or app for renting.

You can easily make more than $500 per customer which makes this business model one of the best online side jobs for making extra cash every month.

You can also check out for opportunities in this business model.


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Below are the common examples of side jobs where you get paid to type;

Form Filling Jobs: Registration forms, medical forms, insurance forms, job application forms, bill forms, and sign-up forms are some types of forms. Your role is to fill in all the required information on the form.

Data Entry Jobs: You do not need any expert skills to make money with this side hustle because all you must have is typing skills and be a good communicator.

Transcription: Transcription is the process of turning audio files into text. 

Scoping: A scopist reads through the court proceedings transcript to improve its coherence and fluency.

Copywriting: Get paid to write blog posts, news articles, research thesis, and academic assignments, among others.





Vlogging merely is the business of making money with videos either through YouTube Facebook and Vimeo among other video marketing platforms.

You can monetize a simple YouTube video in many ways, such as advertising, affiliate links and selling digital products among others.

There are many YouTube millionaires out there who are making a living from this type of business model which makes it one of the best side hustles to make money from home.


I recently started My Youtube Channel 2 months ago. Please support me by subscribing.





Have you heard of forex trading market and business? Some people have built billions from this business of trading currencies.

You need lots of training and experience before you can make any good money with this type of business model.

The advantage is that sites like Merit Forex offer free training to new traders and their returns are way higher than any other Forex trading network. is one of the many sites you can make money from Bitcoin trading. The advantage is that they also offer free training to new traders.

You can also check this site the Quantum Code for more opportunities on how to make money from Bitcoin mining and trading.


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