The Ultimate How To Guide For Online Business & Blog Promotion

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Online business promotion, what is it?

Have you ever imagined what happens on the internet in one minute?

If not here is a quick preview from live internet stats: 500 videos are uploaded to YouTube, half a million emails are exchanged, over 3 million Facebook posts are created, close to 4 billion Google searches take place and over 1000 WordPress posts are published.

Surprising, right?

But how do you make sure that your online business will stand out in this sea of competition and information overload?

The secret is using a highly converting online business promotion strategy.

I know you have heard of the 80/20 rule of building an online business, where you are required to spend 20% of your time and efforts creating content and 80% promoting it.

Why should much of your effort be dedicated to online business promotion efforts and content distribution?

Because there is no use of creating too much good content or numerous unique business ideas, which no one reads or knows that they exist on the internet.

Additionally, you cannot create an online business or produce content for it and sit back hoping that your right customers and niche influencers will find you by magic in this sea of internet competition.

Therefore, this means that your audience will never know the uniqueness of your online business unless you tell or find them with these eight online business promotion strategies discussed in this post.

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I get traffic from two main sources;

PINTEREST: I marketing my content on Pinterest as explained on this Pinterest course for bloggers.

SEARCH ENGINES: I perform search engine marketing of my blog content through a process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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What Is Online Business Promotion?


“The process of communicating with your target audience using different channels with the aim of attracting their attention and influencing their buying behavior in favor of your products and services.”

The best way to understand the meaning of online business promotion is by looking at four critical terms related to it: content marketing, inbound marketing, content distribution and content promotion.


a) Content marketing


“It is the process of creating, distributing and promoting online business products, such as blog posts and videos among others, with the aim of reaching the right audience and stimulating interest/engagement from them, a process which is also known as inbound marketing.

It is a three-step online business promotion process of creating content, promoting/distributing the content and then converting your visitors, fans, and readers into customers.

Thus, content marketing is the umbrella term which covers all the four above.


b) Content promotion


“The process of getting business products (blog posts, services, videos and new products among others) in front of the right customers who are likely to buy or share the content.”

A process made possible through content distribution, which is the process of using different channels both paid or unpaid, online or offline to promote content.

The only way an online business can exist is if there is content. Businesses are built to solve problems, and the only way to do that is through creating content in the form of products and services.

Thus, content is the fuel that runs any online business engine.

So content is King, and every business with an online presence must invest in producing multiple content formats, such as blog posts, videos and social media posts among others.

For most businesses creating content is not the problem, but getting out to the right customers is the biggest challenge, and this is where having a robust online business promotion strategy comes into play.

Therefore, the content promotion process has three goals;

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive engagement on the content
  • Business owners can also use it as a lead generation method where they gather relevant information they can use in future online business promotion strategies.




Why Is Online Business Promotion Important?



a) Increase brand awareness


The more you promote and distribute your online business content and products the more your customers and other internet users recognize your online business value.

Customers can only buy from your business or leave reviews, comments, and other engagements if they know it well.

Additionally, your clients will only choose your business over the other alternatives in the market when they are aware of the unique value that sets your business apart.


b) Gain a Competitive advantage


Having a unique online business promotion strategy well tailored to your niche market and audience buyer personas will set you apart from your competitors.

The internet platform is already flooded with more than 1.9 billion websites, all fighting for the attention of the same customers you are targeting.

See the image below to understand how intense the competition is, and this means that you have to dedicate some efforts into creating a highly converting online business promotion strategy.


c) Get more targeted Website traffic


You want to drive more visitors, buyers and engaged readers to your website, right?

Are you wondering why no one shares your content or even cares to leave a comment? Maybe it is because you are not getting it in front of the right audience.

The good thing about having an online business promotion strategy is that you can target a specific audience persona by utilizing content distribution channels that are relevant to them.

Therefore, using the right website promotion strategies results in gaining more followers, customers, and readers.


d) Increased profits and sales


Once you can drive more traffic to your business through the right website promotion strategies, then you have the right buyers.

At this stage, you can sell them your products, and they will buy because they are the right customers with the specific problems you are trying to solve.


e) Networking and connections


Promoting your online business means getting out there in the sea of other similar companies on the internet.

I know this is intimidating, yet advantageous because it will put you in the network and connection of other online entrepreneurs in your niche.

Make advantages out of this by learning from them, getting better business opportunities and even partnering with them to create better online businesses.



How Do You Prepare For Online Business Promotion?



Does building an online business promotion strategy takes place out of the blues without any prior preparations?

Of course, the answer is NO!

You must get your business and website ready for over 3.9 billion daily internet users who are likely to stumble upon your content in these eight content distribution and promotion channels discussed in this post in the following ways.


a) Set your goal right


The internet has more than 4 billion users who are likely to be the buyers and readers you want to attract to your website.

However, the problem is that you cannot target all because they have different demographics, interests, and preferences.

Also, they are over 1.9 billion websites on the internet, and all have unique business models and target audiences. Therefore, your online business website must use the right content promotion strategies used by other sites in your niche.

Thus, you must clearly define your online business promotion objective and the characteristics of the audience you are targeting.

The reason why you should clearly understand your business model, goal and audience is to be able to use the right promotion strategies that work better for your niche, USP, buyer personas, type of website and business.

For example, you should have a “BLUEPRINT” like the one below


Blueprint Example
1.     Niche

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2.     Type of business

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40 types of online businesses you can start today

E-commerce store
3.     Type of website

Recommended readings:

Types of websites

How to create a site in 2018 the right way

E-commerce website
4.     Buyer Persona

Recommended reading:

How to Create accurate buyer personas

First-time pregnant mothers living in the United States
5.     Unique Selling Proposition

Recommended reading:

How to create accurate Unique selling propositions

Create safe exercise equipment they can hire anytime after paying a membership fee.
6.     Promotion Objective

Recommended reading:

Seven examples of online business promotion objectives.

To create an awareness of a new product.



b) Get your website ready


Create exceptional content

The only way customers, buyers, and readers will come and stick to your content are when you are providing value and solutions they cannot get anywhere else.

Getting ready for online business promotion means creating original, detailed, long form, keyword-rich and SEO optimized content.


Get prepared through SEO best practices

SEO is the process of making websites user and search engine friendly. It involves all the process of building a website easy to use and find information for both your customers and search engines, such as Google.

Preparing for online business promotion through SEO means taking care of on page and off page ranking factors.




8 Online Business Promotion Strategies



1. Email marketing


Email marketing is one of those assets that every online business must invest in for high conversions.

To use this online business promotion strategy, you do not have to wait until your online business gets traffic to begin building an Email list.

If you are so lucky to have subscribers in your email list, then email marketing is one of the assets you should use for content promotion and distribution.



There are online millionaires making a living by sending emails.

For example, master online marketer, Matt Bacak has built a 7-figure online business with just email marketing.

He did it WITHOUT creating a product, without fulfilling services and without running ads. Ever!

This guy makes more than $41,000 weekly.

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a) Use Optinchats


This is one one of the easiest ways of gaining email subscribers in your online business.

An optinChat will initiate a conversation with visitors in your site and give them a free guide, such as the free content you are promoting in exchange for their email addresses.

See Optinchat in action here.



b) Use optin forms and pop-ups


Just like optin chats, opt-in forms and pop-ups are ways of converting website visitors into subscribers in this online business strategy.

You can use many tools to create opt-in forms on your websites, such as Optin monster, Bloom, and Milotree.

View a live demo of Milotree.

View a Live demo of Bloom.



C) Send emails at the right time


The time of the day you send out your emails matters a lot in this online business promotion strategy.

Most experts have advised that emails sent in the afternoons have high open rates because they are closer to the top in comparison to those that were submitted earlier in the morning and covered up in the traffic.

You can use a tool like Boomerang to schedule and send your emails effectively at the right hours.



d) Group your email subscribers based on relevance


Your email subscribers have different preferences. For example, some want detailed guides while others want products you are selling.

Thus, to achieve success in this online business promotion strategy, you must send content which is relevant to your subscribers.

Some email marketing service providers, such as Convertkit, Get Response, and Aweber, allows you to group subscribers into tags based on shared interests and behaviors.

For example, you can group all subscribers who love SEO articles in one tag and those that love social media marketing articles in another.

Thus, this will help you to send content to relevant readers, which increases open rates.

See example below of Convertkit audience segmentation.



e) Content curation


You might be promoting a new blog post or product, but what works magic is including links to other related content.

For example, if the new post is about SEO, add all other posts you have written related to that keyword or add one link where your subscribers can find them all.

Therefore, this helps you to build trust and engagement with other content on your website through this online business promotion strategy.



f) Write attention-grabbing email subjects

Your subscribers are likely to receive more than 20 emails in a day.

In this case, most of these emails are left unopened and unread.

In this online business promotion strategy, to increase the open rates of your emails, you should write catchy headlines, which your audience will not resist opening.



g) Add a clear call to action


Readers love to be told what to do next, and this drives engagement in your website and its content.

To actualize this online business promotion strategy, there are many forms of  call to actions you can add, such as asking your readers to share it on social media, asking them to leave a reply or comment on the email or even asking to visit or enroll into a detailed course or detailed guide relevant to the keyword used in the new content you are promoting.



h) Be Consistent


Readers love to be associated with content from an online entrepreneur who is consistent.

Anyway who wants to associate with a content marketer who sends an email today, and the next after a whole month?

Important note: Do not make it a habit only to email your subscribers only when you are promoting a new post. Give them a diverse experience by varying the purpose of your emails to give extra value.

If possible establish a consistent schedule to excel more in this online business strategy.

To maintain consistency, you can use email marketing providers, such as Convertkit, Get Response, and Aweber or use an email scheduling tool, such as Boomerang.

For example, I receive emails from Neil Patel, a leading market influencer,  and from the image below you can see that his emails have a consistent sending schedule.



i) Keep it short


This is a significant requirement in this online business promotion strategy because if you want your emails to be read, you must keep them simple in terms of length and wording.

Additionally, emails with excellent readability formatting and design, which helps the audience to find information easily have higher conversions.



j) Personalize your emails


Remember that you are not promoting your new content to machines, but to human beings.

In this online business promotion strategy use second person pronouns, such as “you” to drive more personalization.

Also, you should begin by greeting the subscriber.

Always make sure you maintain a natural tone, which is not pushy or annoying, but one that is graceful, humorous and relaxed.



h) Track and measure performance

Use analytics found in most email marketing providers dashboards to monitor the behavior of your audience related to open email rates.

This will help you to remain relevant to your audience by offering them unfailing value.




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2. Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is a goldmine opportunity to drive traffic and sales for any online business.

This online business promotion strategy involves using social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ among others for content distribution and marketing.

The aim of this post is not to discuss how to use each social media network, but to give general social media marketing tips that work across all these platforms in this online business promotion tactic.




a) Vary the format


To meet this online business promotion strategy, you should be diverse with the content you post on social media.

Instead of using text only, consider using links, images, video, infographics and gifs among others.

In addition, instead of posting posts and informational articles consider sharing questions and quotes among other types of content.

After reading this article on what gets shared most on social media, you will realize that varying the format of your content can get your more shares and engagements in your content.

For instance, content with visuals receives more shares than any other form of information shared on social media. Use these five image tools to optimize your images for the web and social media.



b) Provide exceptional value


The only way your content is going to receive shares and engagement on social media is when it is highly valuable.

Your content must solve problems and have all the qualities of highly shareable content if you want to succeed in this online business promotion tactics.

You must carry out in-depth keyword research, market research, and content/ideas curation before writing any piece of content to provide skyscraper value information to your audience, which is more than that produced by your competitors.



c) Post at the right time


In your online business promotion strategy, you should not assume that you can post anytime and get your content viewed by many people.

To get high engagement and shares your on content, you must be very strategic with the time you post the content.

Every social media network has its own appropriate time of posting as you will discover in that article.



d) Customize for every platform


The rules and opportunities for promoting content using this online business promotion strategy are different for every social media network.

For this reason, you need to visit these detailed guides on all these platforms to optimize your profiles right and discover all the opportunities that exist in that platform: Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Instagram marketing and Pinterest marketing among others.

For example, image sizes differ for every social media network as shown in the image below.



e) Embrace Automation to maintain consistency


Managing all the social media accounts for your business will be time-consuming tedious.

Running a successful online business promotion campaign in such as environment can be tricky, especially if you have a busy schedule, have an engaged audience or do not have the capital to outsource the services of an expert.

Luckily social media scheduling tools, such as SmartQueue, MeetEdgar, Buffer and Hootsuite, Drumup among others can save you turns of time by helping to schedule posts ahead of time and recycle your evergreen content to give it more exposure.



f) Write catchy headlines and descriptions


Statistics show that 60% people will share a post on social media without even reading it. Why?

Because it is headlines that get shared in most cases and not the article content in this online business promotion strategy.

In this case, you need to write attention-grabbing headlines.

You can use a tool like CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to measure the score of your headlines.



f) Repost more than once


Social media feeds get forgotten or lost in the sea of other posts within hours, especially on Twitter.

Thus, reposting an evergreen content more than once in this online business promotion strategy gives it more exposure.

If you write evergreen content, such as how-to guides, round-up posts, list articles, ultimate guides and any other information or product which remains relevant for a long time, do not shy away from reposting it more than once in these platforms.

For maximum results in this content matketing startegy get creative by using different variations, such as (link + text), (link + image), (quote + link), (testimonial + link) and (interview + link) among others.

Yes, you will be promoting the same piece of content, but doing it in different formats to avoid boring your followers.

Important note: This only works for outstanding content and you should use scheduling tools, such as SmartQueue, MeetEdgar, Buffer and Hootsuite, Drumup to avoid overdoing it or posting at the wrong time.



g) Leverage the power of communities


Every social media network has different communities made up of people with like interests and purpose.

For example, in Facebook there are Facebook groups on every niche, in Twitter, you will find Twitter chats, while in Pinterest there are Pinterest group boards and in LinkedIn, there are Linkedin groups.

These communities are a goldmine in getting best results from this online business promotion strategy.

In these communities, you will find influencers in your niche and an engaged audience who will be ready to consume, engage with and share your content.



h) Use hashtags


Using hashtags in this online business promotion method is essential if you want your content to be found by other influencers and readers in your niche.

Most social media networks use hashtags to help users to discover content faster.

Several studies show that tweets promoted with hashtags gets 2 times more shares than those without.

This shows that mastering trending hashtags in even social media networks makes your content more discoverable right audience searching for that hashtag.



i) Engage


Social media networks were not invented for machines, but for humans.

In this case, they are networking sites where the primary focus is to build relationships.

Therefore, sharing content randomly in this online business promotion strategy without joining in the conversation or replying to comments and inbox messages is considered spammy and rude by your audience.

Therefore, for best results in your content promotion strategy, be human and join in the conversations in social media.



j) Add social sharing buttons to your website


Adding social sharing buttons on every content pages makes it for your users to share the content directly from your sites.

There are very many social sharing tools and plugins out there that you can try today.

I use Monarch social sharing WordPress plugin from Elegant Themes, and it is easy to use and supports a wide range of customization options.

See Monarch in action here.



I get traffic from two main sources;

PINTEREST: I marketing my content on Pinterest as explained on this Pinterest course for bloggers.

SEARCH ENGINES: I perform search engine marketing of my blog content through a process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO)




3. Influencer and Outreach marketing


You spend hours, days or even weeks writing a beautiful piece of content but no one shares it or even leaves a comment?

I know it is discouraging, and using the right content promotion tactics can change this trend.

Do not forget that promoting new content goes hand in hand with building relationships with your audience and other influencers in your niche.

Therefore, outreach and influencer marketing is one of the most effective online business promotion strategies, which will not only give exposure to your content but also will help you to build relationships.

Important Note: This online business promotion method only works for A+ content. If you write shallow posts without carrying in-depth market research and keyword research, forget about this technique. It only applies to the kind of content Brian Dean calls skyscraper content.

In short, content that is 10X better and detailed than any other that exists elsewhere on the web.






a) Blog commenting


Blog commenting is one of the oldest online business promotion strategy, which still works even today when done the right way.

Create a list of influential bloggers with a larger audience and market success than you and get subscribed to their feeds.

This will help you to get notified every time they publish new content.

Next, all you have to do is go and leave a comment on their posts, and where possible include a link to similar content from your website.

You can also do this to any content they share on social media as long as it is relevant to your content.

In case you are wondering how long is right, the image below shows that articles that are 1000+ words rank higher on search engines.



b) Reach out to mentions in your content


By mentions I mean all the influencers, tools and products you mentioned in the piece of content you are promoting.

For example, if you wrote a blog post about backlinks and mentioned an industry influencer in that niche, such a Brian Dean in the post, you can email him telling me that you have a new article, which you think would interest him.

Do not forget that your content must be top-notch to impress these influencers with higher market experience and domain authority than you.

Use tools, such as hunter and Voilanorbert to find email addresses and any other contact information of these influencers in this online business promotion strategy.

If you do not know what to write in the outreach message, here are 10 email outreach templates you can borrow from to complete this content distribution and promotion method.



c) Write or get featured on round-ups posts and resource pages


Some online entrepreneurs and bloggers always write round-up posts, best-of lists and curated resource pages, which bring together all information that has been trending for that week, month or year among other timelines.

This online business promotion strategy aims to get your content to be featured as one of the best resources featured in those round-up posts and resource pages.

If you think your content is that good and deserves to be featured in these curated lists, email the author (borrow from these email outreach templates).

The best way to find these curated lists is by searching “Blog roundups” + [niche], “best of” + [niche] and “resource page’ + [niche].

Use tools, such as hunter and Voilanorbert to find email addresses and any other contact information of the authors.

Also, make it a habit of writing such posts and pages to attract other influencers to your website. See example below for resource pages and round up posts on SEO.



d) Guest blogging


This is the easiest way to build traffic to your website.

Guest posting is the process of publishing content on another site with higher domain authority, engaged audience and page authority than yours.

The advantage of this online business promotion strategy is that you receive a byline and a backlink taking readers to your website to find more information.

The company you are writing the post for has existing traffic, and promoting your writing expertise in their posts is a way of giving exposures to other positions on your website or blog.



e) Reach out to your competitor’s linkers and sharers


By linkers and sharers, I mean those audiences who are already actively sharing, commenting and showing other forms of engagement in content produced by other bloggers or website owners in your niche.

To complete this online business promotion strategy, use several competitor analysis tools, such as Buzzsumo, Ahrefs and Moz Open Site Explorer to find people who linked to and shared content written by your competitors, which is similar to the one you want to promote.

It is possible that if they loved that content, it means they will be interested in yours too as long as it is a better version.

Use the tools mentioned above to find their content information and send each an email to notify them that you have written a better post similar to the one they shared earlier.

For example, I used Moz Open Site Explorer to find people who linked to this article Beginners Guide to SEO and sent them the personalized outreach email below.



4. Repurpose Content Into Other Formats


Repurposing content is the process of changing it into another format to serve a different purpose and audience.

For example, turning an original blog post into a video, podcast, PDF document, e-book, and SlideShare among others.

So how is content repurposing an online business promotion method for new products and information?

The answer is simple, sharing content in different formats will give it more exposure to a broad base of audience.

You will serve not only customers who love text but also all readers who prefer video, audio, presentations and books formats.




a) Upload to relevant sites

For your content to get more exposure to the right audience in this online business promotion strategy, use the right platform.

For example, share presentations in Slideshare, videos on Youtube, Pdf files on Docstoc, audio in podcasts and infographics to visually.



b) Use evergreen content


What is evergreen content? This is content that remains relevant for a long time.

Also, it is those pieces of content that have received many shares, high engagement from your readers and most likely has gone viral.

These can be ultimate guides, How-to articles and any other actionable information shared with your audience.



c) Be creative


Repurposing content is time and resource consuming.

Unfortunately, you cannot just do it jokingly because you will not achieve the results you desire in this online business promotion strategy.

For this reason, you must be creative and where possible outsource the services of an expert, such as hiring a designer for graphics or voice expert for your videos.




I get traffic from two main sources;

PINTEREST: I marketing my content on Pinterest as explained on this Pinterest course for bloggers.

SEARCH ENGINES: I perform search engine marketing of my blog content through a process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO)



5. Forum and Community Marketing


I will remind you that the best way to promote your content is through building relationships with your audience and like-minded entrepreneurs in your niche.

No one who wants an entrepreneur who only appears when they have a new product to sell or piece of content to promote and is gone after its done.




a) Participate in question and answer forums



An example is Quora.

These are places where people ask questions, and receive answers from experts.

To find other forums fit for your niche use this search phrase in Google, “intitle:forum” + [your niche keyword].

To get best returns from this online business promotion strategy,  add a link to your content every time you post an answer related to something you have written about or created a product for in your business.

Recommended reading: Get Traffic Through Forum Marketing Ultimate Guide



b) Engage in niche communities


Examples include, Reddit, Triberr, Medium and Google+ communities are some of the niche-specific and general communities you can use to promote your content.

Before you use this online business promotion method, take note that all communities have unique rules and most hate spammers who go there to promote content only without being active members.

Therefore, you must be an engaged member who comments, shares and gives up-votes to content in this online business promotion method.



c) Submit content to social bookmarking sites


There are many social booking marking sites, such as, Stumble upon, Digg and Flipboard among others which you can use for content promotion and distribution.

These sites will give your content more exposure to a broader audience.

Remember that promoting content is all about sharing it in a diverse number of channels to get more exposure.



6. Search Engine Marketing


Search engine Marketing is the process of optimizing content for search engine indexing is called SEO.

In other words, using this online business promotion tactic involves making content in your website easy to find by both your users and search engines.

Search engine traffic is free, and anyone can get it as long as they meet all the ranking factors used by Google and other search engines search algorithm.




a) Write quality SEO content


The only way you can attract search engines to give a spotlight to your website is through producing quality content.

Google loves quality content and is always seeking for such to meet the needs of their customers in this online business promotion strategy.

I know you have heard the saying that “content is king”, and that how important good content is your promotion strategy.



b) Do keyword research


Keywords are the phrases or words, which search engine users type on the search bar to find information.

For example, SEO, on page SEO, off page SEO, Keyword research and link building are all examples of keywords that people type in search engines to find information related to SEO.

To win the game of SEO, you must begin every online business promotion and content creation strategy with keyword research.

Content which is keyword rich is easy to promote and rank high in search engines, and this drives free traffic to your website.

There are many tools you can use for keyword research, such as SemRush, KwFinderJaaxy, and LongTailPro among others.

Recommended reading: How to research Keywords that will get you on Page 1 of Google.



c) Build links


Link building a common online business promotion campaign, which involves the process of creating high-quality backlinks to your website.

These are links given from other authority sites, and they act as votes which show search engines that you deserve some spotlight because your content is getting shared by other influencers who are enjoying search engine traffic already.

There are many strategies you can use to build links for this online business promotion strategy, see image below.

Recommended reading: The ultimate guide to Link building SEO.



d) Optimize for on-page SEO


On-page SEO is all the activities you should carry out to make your website and content more user-friendly and easily searchable by search engines.

This online business promotion strategy involves creating a site with the following characteristics; organized architecture, high page load, optimized HTML tags, unique content and keywords among others.

Recommended reading: Ultimate Guide to On page SEO.



e) Optimize for off page SEO


Off-page SEO is the opposite of on-page SEO and it deals will all other external signals, which show search engines what others think about your website and content.

These signals: trust, authority, links and social profiles act as votes of confidence from other internet users.

Recommended reading: The Ultimate Guide to Off-page SEO



f) Build SEO friendly websites


A website is the main platform where all these online business promotion efforts will take place.

For this reason, you must begin ensuring that your website is a search engine and user-friendly in the following ways;

  • It has easy navigation architecture
  • Has a readable domain and web address
  • Loads Faster
  • Hosted by reputable service providers
  • Mobile friendly



7. Paid Advertising



The truth is that SEO, content, and social media marketing online business promotion strategies are time-consuming and takes longer to bring fruits.

Paid advertising is a shortcut route for people who can afford it, especially B2B online businesses.

In this online business promotion method, you pay a third party, with a broader audience base, such as Facebook to give exposure to your content to a targeted audience.

These are two main opportunities for paid adverting to promote your content.


a) Targeted audience advertising


These are ads created around a specific keyword and audience behavior/ persona online business promotion strategy.

AdWords, Facebook ads, Paid Linked Inmail are some examples of this kind of paid advertising.



b) Content promotion networks


Some content sharing and curation networks, such as Stumple Upon, and Taboola allow you to run ads to get more traffic to your content and targeted audience engagement.

For more information on paid content promotion refer to these two articles here and here.



I get traffic from two main sources;

PINTEREST: I marketing my content on Pinterest as explained on this Pinterest course for bloggers.

SEARCH ENGINES: I perform search engine marketing of my blog content through a process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO)



8. Web push notifications


How do you use web push notifications as an online business promotion method?

First, watch this video to understand what web push notifications are and how they can help you to boost your website traffic and engagement on several content and products in your business.

The advantage of these notifications is that they help interested readers to discover your new content while they are browsing through the content that brought them to your website in the first place.

Here is a case study of how SEO Hacker used web push notifications to increase content engagement



Online Business Promotion Conclusions



Why online business promotion and content distribution?

Because if no one knows your content and products exists, they will never be shared and will never make sales from them.

This is scary, right?

Unfortunately, it is the truth. Publishing a new blog post, or launching a new product, such as software or e-book is just the first chapter.

You have only achieved 20% of the success, and the remaining 80% returns lies in your content promotion strategy.

To complete the success story you must use as many online business promotion strategies: email marketing, social media market, outreach marketing, search engine marketing, content repurposing marketing, paid advertising, web push notifications and community marketing.

It is not possible to use all, but always ensure that you use as many as you can as long as they suit your audience buyer personas and business unique selling proposition and niche market.

Now it is over to you. I hope that you learned something and will put these strategies into practice from today.

Here is one of my favorite content promotion strategy checklist, which you can use today to multiply traffic to your website and online business in general.

Want two books that will teach you everything you need to know about starting an online business? See the two below.

Ultimate guide to starting an online business for dummies

The online Business Traffic Bot

Feel free to leave a comment below asking a question, sharing the content promotion strategy you use in your online business or even better provide a suggestion of a post you would like me to write about.



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  3. Nowadays, online promotion is very important for expanding the business, for increasing the audience reach.
    There are various ways for promoting the business online but that requires good knowledge and good strategy.
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    1. Thank you. I appreciate that you found the post good and informative. More posts are coming.

      Yes, it is true that one cannot ignore online business promotion because it is the backbone for success.


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