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Top 7 Legit Online Typing Jobs From Home

Top 7 Legit Online Typing Jobs From Home


Legitimate Online Typing Jobs Work From Home


Are you looking for online typing jobs from home?

In this post you shall find free registration online typing jobs you can start without any investment or capital.

Another advantage of these part time online typing jobs is that you will be able to work from anywhere even at home or any other remote location.

Apart from online typing jobs you shall also find offline typing jobs you can do without any internet connection.

These legit typing jobs at home are ideal for moms, seniors, teenagers, women, teachers and also typing jobs online for students.



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Some of us confuse these two terms and use them interchangeably to mean one and the same thing.Both are tasks performed during the writing process, and their goal is the same, which is to improve the readability of a document.

However, they are different is several ways. For example, editing is done before proofreading and it’s time consuming and detailed since it takes place immediately after writing the first draft with too many errors.

On the other hand, proofreading is the last task during the writing process where someone with a very sharp eye and keen attention to details identifies grammar, punctuation, coherence and other errors which might have been missed during editing.

There so many places you can find both entry level online typing jobs and offline typing jobs like the 40 featured in this post.

Another upside is that you shall find free registration online typing jobs, which means you shall be able to make money online free without paying anything.



I recommend you take the FREE Workshop of General Proofreading: Theory and Practice online course that will teach you how to make more than $5000 per month through proofreading from the comfort of your home.

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Data entry is simply the process of transferring information from one place to another. In most cases, the data is collected from a hardcopy document, such as a sales receipt, then it’s recorded in a softcopy version either in word documents, spreadsheets or any other similar software.

For example, a data entry clerk can be hired to transfer information from an offline book to a word or PDF document to create an online eBook which is easily sharable on the internet.

This is one of the best online typing jobs because you do not need any expert level knowledge or a college degree to get accepted on typing freelance jobs.

However, your typing speed must be fast so that you are able to complete tasks within the specified deadline.

Additionally, your spelling and knowledge of grammar rules must be excellent to avoid creating a final copy with too many errors.


Best Sites To Find Data Entry Jobs
Flexjobs: This is an online job listing site where companies and individuals post new job alerts for potential candidates to apply.

Fiverr: This is a popular freelance marketplace where people post projects they want to be completed by freelance from anywhere in the world.







Text, audio, video, and graphics/images are all forms of storing or sharing information from one place to another.

A transcriptionist is tasked with the role of listening to an audio file then he/she records those words, phrases, sentences and statements into a document, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Transcription is used in several fields. For example, in media journalists record interviews when collecting news on the field, then when they are back at the work station, they listen to the audio and create a new bulletin out of it.

It is also used in court by prosecutors and other persons working on the case. They can use those recorded audio files to put together a document detailing all the facts about the case.

Schools taking care for disabled children, such as the deaf will also require transcription services.

In summary, what am trying to say is that this online typing job from home has high demand in so many fields which means you can easily find work.



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This being my fulltime side hustle I really struggled to narrow down all the bulk information and experience I have gathered for the last year into a short post like this one.

There is so many blogging tips I would love to give in relation to SEO, traffic generation, and monetizing your blog among others, unfortunately, this short post limits me.

For now I will just recommend two posts: i) a post I share how I made my first $2,000 on, and ii) The ultimate guide to starting a blog (everything you need to know)

Blogging pays all my bills, yet I only work less than 8 hours a day with this part time typing job from home.



The one thing I love about blogging is that it’s a steady source of passive income and my income potential keeps growing every month. For example, last year a time like this I was make $0 income while this year am making over $3000.

It gives me gratification to know that I built a baby that I shall grow with and see it become a source of my six figure salary.

I am saying all this to encourage you to get started on your blogging journey today. In case, you are wondering where to start you can always use my step by step blogging guide.

If you have started and maybe 3, 5, 6 months down and still not making any money, do not be discouraged. On this blog I made nothing from February 2018 to November 2018 all because I was making silly blogging mistakes.

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However, never forget that blogging is not one of those get-rich-quick kind of online typing jobs because making money blogging depends on so many factors explained on this post on Do bloggers make money?

I can go on and on when it comes to blogging, but let me pen it down for now so that I can be able to proceed to the next typing job.


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Writing is one of those diversified online typing jobs from home with so many opportunities you can use to make money fast.

Before venturing into blogging, freelancing writing was the side hustle that paid my college tuition fee and a source of my pocket money. I like to think it was my bridge to starting a blogging career.

Below are some online writing jobs opportunities you can you to make money from home.

Homework tutoring

Sites like Course Hero will hire you to answer study questions posted by high school and college students on English, mathematics, sciences and any other subject.

Academic writing

College, masters and doctorate students sometimes have too much workload or other side hustles such that they sometimes outsource people who help to complete their essays, theses, discussions and dissertations among other academic tasks.

Here are 50 sites to find academic writing jobs.

Article writing

Magazines, newspapers, blogs, news sites and other online publications are always looking content writers who can help to create content on a regular basis.

Fiverr is one out the many freelance market places you can use to find such gigs.


This is a more serious form of writing where you are hired by business owners to write selling marketing copies or SEO optimized content to rank on Google and other search engines. 

Unlike all the three writing jobs above, this one will require more than entry level skills because you must have expert knowledge on thing like content marketing, SEO, audience analytics among others.



I recommend you take the Write Your Way To Your First 1K online course that will teach you how to make more than $200 for every 500 words you write.

It is one of the best online courses because it is created by Elna Cain from, a six figure freelance writer and blogger who earn $500+ per gig.






Scoping is not a very popular online typing job, which means you are likely to make more money in this field since there is little competition in the market.

A scopist is someone who is hired by a court reporter to edit court proceedings transcripts.

The reporter first attends the court sessions where he/she writes down all the proceedings in a steno machine or computer transcription software.

The reporter then gives the scopist the final document to correct any grammar, punctuation, and coherence and sentence structure errors.

A scopist is paid per page, therefore, the more pages you edit the higher the pay you shall receive typing job from home.



If you want to learn more about scoping or perfect your current skills, I recommend you take this FREE Mini Scoping Course created by a six-figure salary scopist and the founder of Internet Scoping School!






Recommended Guide: How To Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant is someone who is hired by business owners to help complete some daily tasks, such as content writing, calendar management, social media scheduling, bookings handling, and making appointments among others.

Virtual assistants are paid $12 to $100 per hour based on your experience, expertise and the offer of the client.

Virtual assistants are always on high demand for several reasons;

  • Hiring part time or fulltime in-house employees is expensive compared to hiring contract-based workers when the need arises.
  • Business owners have too many roles and responsibilities to handle, which means they must delegate others since they cannot manage all single handily.
  • A virtual assistant roles equate those of a secretary, which means almost every business or entrepreneur needs these services from time to time.



Online Typing Jobs Final Thoughts

There are so many advantages like the ones given below of using these typing jobs to make money online.

Firstly, these are online typing jobs from home which means you will be able to work from any remote or freelance location, such as your couch.

Secondly, these are free registration online typing jobs meaning that you will be able to make money online free without paying anything.

Thirdly, you will be choosing part time typing jobs online which means you will have the flexibility to set your working schedule. Since these are side jobs, you can even use them to make extra cash after work in the evenings, at the weekends or any other spare/free time.

For more options or information on these typing jobs, you can search these phrases on your favorite search engine, such as Google or Youtube; “typing freelance jobs”, “Typing jobs at home”, and “offline typing jobs” among others.

I encourage you to feel free to comment below letting me know your experience with some of these online typing jobs. You can also make additions or corrections to the information I have given in this post.




Legitimate Online Typing Jobs Work From Home





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