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80+ Under The Table Jobs (Cash Paying Jobs)

80+ Under The Table Jobs (Cash Paying Jobs)

There are so many under the table jobs are also known as, “off the books jobs”, or “paid out in cash jobs” on the Internet.

There are four main reasons why they are called under the table jobs;

Firstly, these are jobs that payout in cash.

Secondly, most of these jobs pay little cash which is below the recommended labor rate, and that is why they are called jobs that pay cash user the table.

Thirdly, you will get the same day or weekly pay in most of these side jobs, which means you do not have to wait for your pay till the end of the month.

Finally, these are off the record books because they do not provide full-time employment opportunities. This means you are not an employee on an official payroll contract.

Therefore, continue reading this post to know how to find under the table jobs and keep understanding their meanings.


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Read this post for more details: 10 Unsecured Personal Loan Sites for Bad Credit


The internet is such a blessing because it has created so many job opportunities. In get paid to jobs, you complete several tasks then you get paid in points. After you gather enough points, you can redeem them into PayPal cash, gift cards, free merchandise, charity donations and more.

Below are examples of get paid to under the table jobs;


Survey Junkie: (READ REVIEW) has top paid surveys with their prices ranging from $1 to $20 per survey. It pays in points which you can redeem or exchange into cash or gift cards. For example, 1000 points are equivalent to $10. Alternatives: Harris Poll Online and Pinecone Research.

Swagbucks: the number one get paid to (GPT) site on the web. In this site, you complete offers, such as watch videos, take surveys, play games, take tests, etc, and get paid points called SBs. Alternatives: InboxDollars and LifePoints.

Shopkick: (READ REVIEW) is a shopping Reward App for smartphones, iPhones, tablets and other electronic devices. It offers users rewards called “kicks” for doing both in-stores and online shopping activities, such as walking into stores, scanning barcodes, watching shopping videos and more. Alternatives: Rakuten (formerly Ebates) & Nielsen App.

Clixsense: (READ REVIEW) the largest and most popular rewards sites on the internet where you get paid to complete several tasks, such as taking surveys, playing games and more. Alternatives: Grabpoints and MyPoints.





Proofreading is the last task during the writing process where someone with a very sharp eye and keen attention to details identifies grammar, punctuation, coherence and other errors which might have been missed during editing. There so many places you can find both technical and entry-level proofreading jobs.


A transcriptionist is tasked with the role of listening to an audio file then he/she records those words, phrases, sentences, and statements into a document, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Here are 20 sites to find transcription jobs for beginners.

Data Entry

Data entry is simply the process of transferring information from one place to another. In most cases, the data is collected from a hardcopy document, such as a sales receipt, then it’s recorded in a softcopy version either in word documents, spreadsheets or any other similar software. You can check out 15 data entry jobs hiring now in this post.


A scopist is someone who is hired by a court reporter to edit court proceedings transcripts. The reporter first attends the court sessions where he/she writes down all the proceedings in a steno machine or computer transcription software. The reporter then gives the scopist the final document to correct any grammar, punctuation, and coherence and sentence structure errors.

Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant is someone who is hired by business owners to help complete some daily tasks, such as content writing, calendar management, social media scheduling, bookings handling, and making appointments among others.


Blogging involves writing about a topic/niche you are passionate about. You can blog on almost any topic you are passionate about under the sun, such as food, traveling, nutrition, pet care, and golf among others, which makes this one of the best online jobs out there.


There are many types of freelance writing services you can offer to clients, such as copywriting, proofreading, ghostwriting and article writing among others.

Recommended Readings



Proofread Anywhere: I recommend you take the FREE Workshop of General Proofreading: Theory and Practice online course that will teach you how to make more than $5000 per month through proofreading from the comfort of your home. It is one of the best online courses because it is created by a six-figure proofreader and the founder of

Flexjobs: This is an online job listing site where companies and individuals post new job alerts for potential candidates to apply.

Divi Theme: Ready to start a blog today? Use these links to get a Free Divi Theme Trial (the best WordPress theme, which I use on this, you can read more details about the Divi theme here)





If you have a valid driver’s license, time and excellent driving skills you can get hired by one of these 25 drivers’ apps to help people to move around from one place to the next.

Deliver agent

People want several things delivered to their doorstep or at a convenient location when they are unable to pick them at the initial location. For instance, a person may purchase items from Amazon then they hire a delivery agent to bring those items to their doorstep from the picking points. Check out these delivery driver jobs to find one which might fit your needs.

Car rental

Some people who host events, go for road trips, or plan dates may want to rent a car for such an occasion because they might not afford to own one. You can use these car rental apps to list your car for such people who can hire it at a cost.

Car advertising

A car that is always moving around can be used as an advertisement medium. This works through approaching one of these car advertising companies who will place banners and other advertising graphics on your car in exchange for pay.



Uber: People will want to visit different places. Most of these people do not own a car, so you can make driving them around

DoorDash: You can easily make money in this opportunity by getting hired to deliver packages, such as food.

Getaround: Some people prefer to rent a car or vehicle for a given period. List your car on this site for interested clients to hire it.

Wrapify: Now that your vehicle will be moving around so much, you can enter into a partnership with car advertising companies like this one. They will place ads on your car then pay you on a daily basis.




Pet sitter

Do you love looking after pets like dogs and cats? This is an under the table job where you get paid to carry out several tasks like pet grooming, pet feeding, pet training, and pet medication among others. Read this post to find pet sitting jobs hiring now!

Babysitter/ Nanny

This is a job for someone who loves to look after children or elderly people when their parents or primary caregivers are away. Click here to discover 12 babysitting jobs hiring now!

Personal Assistant/ Trainer/ Instructor

People with different needs, such as weight loss, image consultancy, and fashion upgrade will need a trainer or assistant to help them. Additionally, some people will hire instructors to teach them yoga, dance, martial arts, music, and boxing among others.

Fortune Telling

A fortune-teller also known as a seer, prophet or spaewife is someone who has the ability to look into the future and see activities in the future. People always consult such people when they want to predict what will happen in the future.

Tour Guide

When foreign tourists visit other places, the local residents can become their tour guide who helps them to find their way around in exchange to pay.

Professional Cuddler

People in stress, depression, loneliness, and the sick always need a caring touch to make them feel loved, wanted, appreciated and needed. That kind of positive emotions fastens their healing process which explains why professional cuddlers are so much needed in the society today.



Rover: A site which connects pet owners with pet sitters near them. You will be paid to complete simple pet sitting tasks, such as dog walking among others

Sittercity: A site to find night babysitters, after-school baby sitters, daytime babysitters, last-minute care sitters, mother helpers, newborn care sitters, and special needs care babysitters among others. A site for caregivers who are looking for all types of jobs, such as babysitting, pet sitting, elderly care, home cleaning, and daycare services, among others.




Teach English

Some people especially those from the United States and other western countries know English as their first language. Such people can become helpful to non-English speakers, foreigners who want to learn English. Read this post on English online tutoring jobs to get 16 companies hiring now.

Homework tutoring

Students in high school or college are always given homework. Some may not have the time to conduct extensive research or may not have the expertise to answer those questions. Such students always hire freelance tutors to help them with their classwork. If you are interested you can find such under the table jobs in one these 300 academic websites for writers and tutors.

Summer Jobs

One advantage of becoming a teacher is that you enjoy long summer holidays and leaves. In such a case, you can start one of these summer jobs for teachers that will help you to diversify your income sources.



VIPKID: They hire people from home North America to teach English to Chinese Children (Kindergarten to grade 9). Their pay is $12 to $22 per hour depending on your experience and expertise.

Education First: They hire people living in the US and Canada to teach English to Chinese children between 6 to 10 years old. Their pay is $12 to $19 per hour depending on your experience and expertise.

Course Hero: Help students, learners, and researchers to find answers to their homework quizzes and essays. In this site you shall earn at least $3 per simple question asked by high schools and college students in any subject, such as Biology, math, and English.




A handyman is also known as a fixer, and he/she is a person who is skilled at making repairs around the home. There so many places you can find handyman jobs like those described in that post. Below are examples of types of handyman roles;Gardening

Get hired to perform several tasks, such as cultivating plants, seeding, transplanting, weeding, pruning, harvesting and composting among others. The advantage of this under the table jobs is that you do not need any special expertise. All you need is the right tool and availability.


These are people who help others with the process of relocation. Their main task is to load and unload furniture and all other items of the client.


For example, you can be paid to dust surfaces, vacuum carpets, wash dishes, damp floors, and disinfect surfaces, empty trash. Shine fixtures among other tasks related to cleaning.


A painter’s job may include mixing colors, choosing painting materials, and removing old paint, priming surfaces, selecting paints and professionally applying paints on the interior and exterior surfaces.

Mounting & Assembly

Mounting is the process of getting items, such as TVs, lights, artworks, and shelves on the wall securely. On the other hand, assembly is the process of putting an item into one. For example, you buy a TV in different parts then call an assembly agent to help you put them together to get a finished TV working perfectly.


Plumbers do multiple tasks, such as installing pipes, fixtures, sinks, toilets and gas air lets among others. They also install equipment related to those installations. They can also draw blueprints that will guide during the installation and building process.


There is so much work an electrician can do, such as inspecting electrical components and devices to identify any defects. They can also complete the wiring and other technical processes during the installation of electrical systems.

Snow Removal

A snow removal is someone who knows how to operate snow removing machine, such as a tractor or plow used to clear snow on surfaces. You must be able to work during odd hours because this is a task mostly done early in the morning or late at night.


Repairs are carried out by maintenance workers whose main duty is to fix equipment. For example, phone repair, plumping, air conditioning.



Handy: A site which brings together people offering these services (moving, cleaning, home renovation, installation procedures, and gardening among others) with people looking for such service providers.

TaskRabbit: A site you can apply to perform handyman tasks, such as mounting & installation, moving & packaging, furniture assembly, home improvement, and heavy lifting among others.

Zaarly: They have multiple home service providers who are accountable and well-vetted for interested clients.




A freelancer is a self-employed person and does engage in long-term employments. They are mostly hired on a contract basis to complete several tasks. Below are several examples of freelance jobs;



Fiverr: This is a popular freelance marketplace where people post projects they want to be completed by freelancers from anywhere in the world.

Shopify: The existence of many eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify makes creating an online store very easy.

Avon: The 6th largest beauty and personal care eCommerce sites in the world according to Alexa statistics. They are always hiring sales representative and brand ambassadors how can help them to market and sell their products.

Maxbouty: is a popular cost per action (CPA) affiliate network you can use to make money by promoting the offers available through email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Shutterstock: If you love taking photos and have a good eye for the camera, Shutterstock is a site you can use to sell some of those stock images and photographs to them.

Udemy: A popular course creation platform that will allow you to create and sell as many online courses you might want. You can create makeup lessons, cooking lessons, “how-to” guides and anything else you wish as long as it has some educational benefits to your target audience.

Envato Market: Do you understand WordPress well, and have some developer’s skills? If you do, Envato Market is a place you can sell any WordPress product you develop from themes, plugins and other accessories.

Alibaba: A leading global market place you can use to sell good or acquire stock at cheaper prices from large manufactures then resell it at a profit.




Car Renting

Some people cannot afford a vehicle yet they love to travel a lot. Such people will often hire a car from the original owner for a few hours. Check out best car renting sites here.

Property Renting

Do you have an extra room in your house? These property listing companies are willing to pay you to allow their clients to use your property in exchange for a renting fee.

Money Renting

Many are the times’ people take loans or borrow money from creditors when they need cash urgently or have a deficit. Banks, Sacco’s and other financial institutions are the most common places to take a loan. However, if you do not qualify the strict screening process of those financial institutions you can give an unsecured personal loan up to $300,000 even with a bad credit record.

Clothes Renting

Do you have clothes you do not use anymore? For example, you might have some baby clothes that your child has outgrown as they develop. If you do, check out these clothes renting sites.



Zippy Loan: You can take a non-secured loan from $100 to $15000 even with bad credit on this site. You can also register to become a lender who earns interest after borrowers return your money.

Airbnb: List your property on this site and earn cash every month after the tenants or rentals pay the monthly cash.

Getaround: The best site to list your car for rental. Interested people will see your car and hire it for a specific price which you determine.

Credit Sesame: Use this app to measure your credit score so that you can borrow money from the right institutions without being taken advantage of or missing any opportunity.




Artisan/Crafter: a person who skillfully makes items and objects by hand. They use traditional methods and techniques to create decorative and unique items.

Jewelry: You can become someone who creates special pieces of jewelry, such as bracelets, necklaces, engagement rings, earrings and more.

Hairdresser: A person who helps others to maintain their image and beauty through styling their hair by performing several tasks, such as coloring, haircutting and texturing among others.

Bartender: This is a person who serves an alcoholic drink or soft beverages to people in a bar.

Message therapist: This is someone who has a special skill of making people feel good and relaxed through touching their body tissues.

Make-up artist: A person who enhances the looks of their clients through skillfully and creatively using a combination of makeup products.

Street musician: Someone who performs in public. Interested onlookers or spectators who like their acts will pay them some amount of money for the entertainment.

Tattoo Artist: A person who uses special techniques and tools to apply decorative body paints and body piercing patterns.

Dressmaking: Also known as a tailor. This is someone who sews or makes clothes with different designs for others.

Cake Baking: You can also bake cakes for people during special holidays, such as birthdays, baby showers and weddings among others.

Caterer: A person who is employed to obtain orders from customers then serves them with whatever food or supplies they have requested.


I am glad you read through the post to the end.

Did you notice there are so many under the table jobs? The upside is that they are ideal for everyone including moms, feet models, teens, seniors, students, housewives, women, teachers, lazy people and any other person looking for a cash-only pay job, off the book job, or the same day pay job.

I hope you understood under the table jobs meaning and got equipped with the skills on how to find under the table jobs.




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